Lloyd & Cowan is a specialist Veterinary recruitment consultancy. We have over 10 years experience in the recruitment and veterinary sectors. We want to help local Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Nurses find their dream job.

Strictly Confidential

At Lloyd & Cowan we understand that you don't want anyone to know that you're potentially looking for a new opportunity, let alone your current employer. We understand the industry is small and that people tend to know one another. But we guarantee that whatever we talk about or whatever we discuss, is treated in the strictest confidence. That means NO ONE will ever know you are speaking to us about a potential move.

Candidate Testimonial

"Thank you Ciaran for all your care and guidance in finding me the correct next step in my career, delighted to have used Lloyd and Cowan to find what suited me both professionally and personally, thanks again". PM

"I've used Ciaran at Lloyd & Cowan to source locum work in Northern Ireland. They offer a friendly and professional service and are readily contactable via phone or email. Ciaran is always available to offer advice and maintains a personal approach in comparison to other recruitment agencies in the market" SM

Locum Veterinary Surgeons

We want to grow our pool of Locum Veterinary Surgeons.
Locum work is very fast paced as clients tend to need people at very short notice. In order to be kept informed of potential opportunities we recommend that you register your interest with ourselves.
We want to hear from people interested in cover for short term work, 1-2 days, weekends etc and people who can provide cover for longer term work such as holidays or maternity leave. 
We are constantly inundated with locum opportunities across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. This can be small. large and mixed opportunities. We urgently need candidates to fulfill these requirements. 

Established agreements

We have established supplier agreements with the USPCA, Independent Vetcare, CVS, Village Vet and Easipetcare as well as hundreds of local and independent veterinary practices across the UK and Ireland. We're ideally placed to give you the inside track with your job search. 

Refer a Friend and earn a £200 / €250 referral fee!!

If you refer a friend to ourselves and we go on to successfully place that person then we'll give you £200 / €250 in vouchers to spend wherever you like!
The referred candidate must not already be registered with Lloyd & Cowan and they must complete 3 months in the role.
That's it. Once they've completed the 3 months in the new role ' you will receive your vouchers. Simples!!
Oh, and there is no limit so if you refer 3 people and we place all 3 then that is £600 / €750!!

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