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UK Immigration rule changes April 2024

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about 2 months ago

by Ciaran

UK Immigration rule changes April 2024

Some thoughts on changes to Immigration rules in relation to Veterinary.


As of 4th April 2024 new immigration rules come into force in the UK. Two keys things have changed.

1)      Veterinarians are no longer on the Shortage Occupation List (SOL) or Immigration Salary list as it will now be known and

2)      The threshold for a skilled worker visa has risen from £26,200 to £38,700

Obviously now when recruiting from overseas this will be something that practices will need to consider before offering sponsorship. This will mean an impact on veterinary services in a sector already facing acute staffing shortages. Sector shortages are not uniform with London not as severely hit as other parts of the UK and this probably goes a long way to understanding why these changes have been brought in.

As practices look to combat shortages salaries, which make up 50% of a veterinary practice costs, will invariably rise meaning higher vet bills. Ironic given the sector is already under the microscope from the CMA and the media in relation to vet costs.

We’d envisage a premium being paid for UK and Irish Vets as they come without immigration restrictions.

Graduates from EU countries will slow down and their best course of action maybe to get 1 or 2 years’ experience in their own country before moving to the UK.

Ciaran Conroy is Director of Lloyd & Cowan Veterinary Recruitment and has over 20 years recruitment experience.

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