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Why are vets moving to Australia in 2023?

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11 months ago

by Ciara McCabe

Why are vets moving to Australia in 2023?

Many of the Australian practices we work with hire candidates from the UK and Ireland. With an average salary of $110,000 and a warm, sunny climate, there’s plenty of reasons why vets from the UK and Ireland are flocking to Australia in masses!

Why are vets moving to Australia?

1. The Quality of Life

We hear this all the time, but what do it actually mean? Well, people in Australia benefit from shorter working days, more public holidays, fabulous climate all year round and higher wages. Together, these factors improve the lives of those living in Australia compared to the UK.

2. A Fresh Start

The idea of a fresh start in life appeals to many UK and Irish citizens. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to meet new people without fear of judgement? Make new friends, start a new job role and move into a new community.

3. Beach life? City life? No need to choose!

Many Australian cities are located right on the beach, so if you’re torn between the relaxation and serenity of a beach lifestyle or the excitement and atmosphere of a life in the city, you can have both.

4. Build your own home. And make it twice as big!

The smaller population yet larger land area of Australia, makes it easier to build your own spacious home in Australia for an affordable price.5.The Expat Community

Despite being so far from home, there is a huge community of UK and Irish people in Australia, so you’ll never feel too home sick.

5.The Veterinary Opportunities

We have so many amazing opportunities for vets down under, from small animals to mixed of large, or specialist areas such as exotics and wildlife. Get in touch our Australian expert Aimee to hear

Am I eligible to emigrate to Australia?

If you meet the below criteria then you could be eligible to move to Australia.

  • Under the age of 45

  • Fluent in English

  • Qualified Veterinarian

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