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3 New Veterinarian Schools Set to Open in Ireland

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12 months ago

by Ciara McCabe

3 New Veterinarian Schools Set to Open in Ireland

Three universities in ireland, the University of Limerick, Atlantic Technological University (ATU), and South East Technological University (SETU) have been granted permission to open veterinary schools. This will efectively triple the number of aspiring vets throughout Ireland, increasing the number of students place each year to 1,300. This is great news for students, as the increase in places will lead to lowered CAO points needed to acquire a place in veterinary courses, which currently lies around 600.

In Ireland, UCD is currently the sole university offering veterinary medicine. Its 85 places are insufficient to meet demand, as more than twice that many students travel abroad each year to pursue their veterinary education.

UCD has also been given approval for an increased intake on both its undergraduate and graduate-entry veterinary programmes as part of the growth of 230 places annually. Due to the requirement that other institutions prove they have the appropriate infrastructure, UCD is likely to be the first to supply extra spaces, most likely starting in 2024.

This is exciting news for the veterinary industry, which reflects hope for a growing and strong future for the field in Ireland.

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