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Working as a Vet in the UAE

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over 1 year ago

by Ciaran Conroy

Working as a Vet in the UAE

​Like most countries you cannot work as Vet in the UAE without a Licence. The process to obtaining a licence can be lengthy 6 months + but if you know what you need and what to do it can take a lot of the stress out the process. We’ll try to goover the key points so you know what you may have to do. You really want to get the Full Veterinary Licence. To work as a Veterinary Surgeon with an unrestricted licence you need to demonstrate at least 5 years’ experience.So, working as a graduate or if you only have a few years under your belt, UAE isn’t for you. However, don’t despair we have other locations were Graduates and candidates with one- or two-years’ experience are welcome so get in touch.

The key to obtaining the licence is early preparation, and if you know that you would really love to live and work in the UAE, we would advise getting preliminary attestations and translations done before or at the same time you apply for positions as this will give you a huge advantage over other candidates. You need to factor in the time it takes to get a licence ideally leaving 6-12 months for the entire process including job search and visa. The licensing, whilst confusing and a bit frustrating, is just a matter of patience and logistics. The process involves obtaining you equivalence certificate from the Education Ministry in the UAE. They contact your graduating university for degree verification. The speed of this process very much depends on your universities response time and as you can imagine it can vary. The required documents are:

  • Original High School Certificate plus 5 years transcript (marks) as well as attested copies of the original (translated if necessary)

  • Original qualification (Diploma/Degree) plus 5 years transcript (marks) as well as attested copies of the original (translated if necessary)

  • 5 year / experience letters from previous employers/institutions, attested and translated if necessary All documents need to be attested by the Foreign Ministry in the country of origin, the UAE embassy in the country of origin as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

The final application for the license then happens in the country and is taken care of by your employer prior to your employment and includes the following steps:

  • Copy of “equivalence certificate” from the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

  • Copy of passport with residency visa

  • Photograph to the Ministry of Climate Control and Environment (MOCCAE).

You then sit an examination at MOCCAE and once you pass, your Veterinary License is issued. The exam is straightforward and certainly not like the NAVLE or RCVS examination. Allegedly! When practices are recruiting time is everything. If you have your licence and can demonstrate that you are ready to go this will put you at a huge advantage versus other candidates. Yes, there is a bit to it but the rewards are fantastic. All year sun, huge salaries and a lifestyle that is unrivalled.

If you’re currently considering a move to the UAE and would like to chat to specialist about your options then please contact the team here at Lloyd & Cowan Veterinary Recruitment.

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