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Writing the Perfect CV

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over 1 year ago

by Ciaran

Writing the Perfect CV

Writing the perfect CV

In today’s Veterinary market where the job count far outstretches the available candidates a CV may

seem irrelevant. However, a well written CV can help you find the right role. You see a CV is much

more than just a list of your work history, it should also be an insight into what your interests and

passion are within Veterinary

Many of the larger employers use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). In many cases this is used to

filter CVs even before a member of the recruitment teams gets to read it. A few Do’s and Don’t’s.


Include your contact details including Mobile phone and Email address (It is amazing how many

people don ‘t do this)

List your work history most recent first

Be Specific, Scientific and Technical

It is an opportunity to tell employers what your key skills are, so tell them. Not every employer is the

same so saying that you worked as a Veterinary surgeon is not a ‘catch all’ term. Be specific about

your skills, talk in a scientific manner about them. Employers are Veterinary Surgeons too

Check you spelling.


Use strange or rare document formats. Stick to .Doc or .PDFs

Avoid using nonstandard fonts and titles. Computer says NO!

Profile pictures. Many can’t handle jpegs or similar formats. Avoid

References. References always on request. If you do list them, expect them to be called even if no

one speaks to you first.

These are just a few helpful hints and​

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