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Living and Working in Hong Kong

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almost 2 years ago

by Ciaran Conroy

Living and Working in Hong Kong

Ok so you’ve seen the iconic skyline and probably heard that its one of the most densely populated cities in the world but what if I told you that Hong Kong is actually made up of hundreds of islands, with high mountains as a backdrop against tropical beaches, it offers far more than the glitter and the glitz of the city for outdoor lovers. Hong Kong has taken advantage of its unique history to transform itself into a prosperous and modern environment. It is an extremely wealthy part of the world

Hong Kong has a long history of welcoming expats and foreign workers into its rich cultural heritage. Living in Hong Kong is rewarding, it’s seen as an important gateway into world markets for many multinational companies. Is has a very low crime rate and is seen as one the safest cities in the world. If you are thinking of moving with your family and children, we have clients who will pay for relocation, and help with Schooling. Making the transition as smooth as possible.

Isn’t it really expensive to live there?
What if I told you that Hong Kong Is considered to be 6.9% CHEAPER to live in than London? With rent support and low tax rate Hong Kong isn’t as expensive as you might think. Furthermore the Veterinary Salaries can be lucrative. Depending on experience a GP Veterinary Salaries can be £8k – £10K per month. Other specialist vets can expect to earn over £20k per month, indeed up to £40k per month is achievable.

What sort of Veterinary roles exist?
Of course, we have the traditional GP opportunities, which are a good mix of consults, surgery, and medicine work. These can also include house calls which is a popular service in Hong Kong. There is also a need for ER and Hospital Veterinarians for both day and night work. Other specialist opportunities exist for certificate holders and Board Certified or Residency Trained Vets. We are constantly on the look out for Vets who have specialisms in Surgery, Internal Medicine, Oncology, Neurology, Exotics, Ophthalmology,

Other benefits include:

Low tax rate – 17%, Convenient travel hub for Asia, Easy access to a vast network of hiking trails, mountain bike trails and campsites.
Nightlife – restaurants, bars and shops open to accommodate working schedules
Shopaholics can enjoy anything from high end shops to back-alley street markets selling anything and everything
Access to world class government medical and hospital services

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Hong Kong has loads to offer, if you’d like to find out more, contact Ciaran +447748 575 420 or via email

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