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Celebrating Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month!!

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almost 2 years ago

by Sophie Gould

Celebrating Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month!!

Veterinary Nurse Appreciation Month (​VNAM) was started with the purpose to spread the word about the importance of the role of the veterinary nurses in practice and the provision of responsible pet care to the general public.

Veterinary nurses are highly skilled members of the veterinary team, who look after our pets with care and empathy every single day. Vet Nurses perform a number of important tasks daily. Some duties include, prepping animals for surgery, nursing sick animals, taking bookings and completing paperwork, taking x-rays, carrying out diagnostic tests.

Career opportunities are varied and wide-ranging, Veterinary Nurses can Train to become a veterinary physiotherapist or hydrotherapist, work as a sales, representatives for veterinary suppliers, study additional qualifications and much more!

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